Rabu, 11 Mac 2009

Lesson Plan

Level: Form 4 (Intermediate – advanced)
Time: 40 minutes
Aims: To be able to locate specific information on a Website and to be able to practise writing.
Technical Requirements:
One computer for each pair of students equipped with an Internet connection and a Web Browser.
Website: www.horoscopes.com
1. Trace a suitable site about astrology specifically horoscopes.
2. Using the information about basics of astrology on the site, prepare a worksheet.
1. Ask students to sit in pairs and share a computer.
2. Ask the students if they usually read horoscopes, and believe in the readings.
3. Ask the students if they can remember the entire star signs i.e. Leo, Aries, etc.
4. Browse the website chosen together with the students and show them what the website offers.
5. Provide the prepared worksheet to each student. The worksheet contains two activities. Ask the students to do Activity 1 first. The first activity is to be done in pairs.
6. Explain to the students that they need to fill in the tables provided in the worksheet.
7. Explain to the students that the information needed is to be searched on www.horoscopes.com.
8. Demonstrate using the website and give an example to search for the information.
9. Discuss the answers with the class and explain unfamiliar words or phrases.
10. Ask students if they had any problems while using the website.
11. Using the details filled in the tables in Activity 1, ask students to select a star sign according to their own birth date.
12. Then ask the students to do Activity 2 which is provided in the worksheet. The students need to the activity individually.
13. The activity asks the students to describe in one page of the similarities or differences between their personalities to the qualities of their star signs filled in the tables in Activity 1 before.

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  1. An interesting LP with also interesting activities on the worksheet. Well Done.

    LP 8.9/10

    Presentation 5/5

  2. thank you very much sir. You sure are a generous man. :p