Rabu, 31 Disember 2008

where do i get my step?

firstly, i was b0rn a female..my parents seemed to have named me Albita which in Arabic means energetic!im not sure if i am really d energetic type of human being but most of d time i think i do..hurm..I dont actually bl0g..well i used to but d commitment!OMG!!its n0t dat i dun want to really introduce myself but hey my existance hist0ry is way c0mplicated..if it isnt for diz CALL course im takin' i dun think i wud be havin a bl0g account 4 d time being..talkin' bout c0mputers n stuff,im actually can be categorized as an illiterate s0 u knoe how "experienced' i am dealing wif softwares..i dun know if i cud even list ten latest softwares rite n0w..huh!and um,does wind0ws media player c0unt coz,um,am i embarrassin myself n0w??but seriously,i do know microsoft 0ffice n i use it quite often(tryin to s0und like a pr0?!)i've tried using d autocad once!computer hardware knowledge n skills?okay,i know d basics!which one is d m0use,m0nitor,cpu n s0 on..huh..skills?im n0t so sure bout tis,now i think im n0t sure of d question,wat d0es it actually mean??OMG!do n0t test me tis much!is tis a sign dat im an actual illiterate when it c0mes to IT??sorry pr0f Izham,or shud i say help me pr0f!!

okay inhale n exhale..rite,i use limewire f0r songs,y0utube for vide0s..well, n0w, as 4 me, there r tw0 maj0r reas0ns to get online-faceb00k n emails...since my fam members r all busy superpokin' and sending gifts on faceb00k,i devoted my online h0urs to d netw0rkin website..my first netw0rkin page was on friendster but i deleted my acc0unt a few weeks ag0..i dumped friendster coz i grew tired of it,B.0.R.e.D...well,we all change n sumtimes change is good

well i thought that it's best to try n list what i usually do with a c0mputer(apart frm wat i mentioned above, i can/do):
software-burn cds, change song/video formats
hardware skills-use usb for picture/song/video transfers, watch cds or dvds on the comp,store files in pendrive,etc.
internet activities-downloading,networking(facebook,chatting,etc.),play games online,search things,maps,emails,news...